This Mom’s Incredible Invention Helps Disabled Kids Learn To Walk

Music therapist Debby Elnatan has a passion for inventing but had no idea that her work would soon impact the lives of disabled kids from all over. Not too long after her son Rotem was born, doctors knew that something was wrong. Debby heard the words “cerebral palsy” from them and froze. With the disability, Rotem would struggle with his motor skills and muscle development and, being a mom, Debby wondered how she could best help him. She still wanted Rotem to be able to explore the world around him and not let his disability completely hold him back. After getting over the initial shock of the news, the mom went into go mode and dedicated her work to creating something that would allow her son to get around a little better. Now, her commitment to changing Rotem’s life is changing the lives of other kids. And it’s all thanks to a specialized device that allows them to actually walk.