The 15 Most Expensive Cars In The World

Ever wondered what the most expensive car in the world looks like and how much it sold for? Check out this list and find out. These cars are the most exclusive and expensive cars to have ever entered the market.

Cars have long been used as a symbol of wealth and status. While today, many people purchase and use cars regularly, these extraordinary cars remain out of reach for the average consumer. Not only are the prices shockingly high, but the number of available copies is often extremely limited. In fact, some of the cars on this list were custom orders. To get your hands on one of these models, being a millionaire simply isn’t enough, you have to be a multimillionaire at least. In some cases, it might all come down to knowing the right people.

So while purchasing one of these cars might be close to impossible for the average person, it’s always fun to dream. Which one is your favorite?