Top 15 Bestselling Small Luxury Cars

You work hard and you’re finally earning a reasonable paycheck. To earn that salary, the amount of time you’re likely to spend in your car commuting is no joke. As of 2018, US Census numbers showed that workers spend an average of 26.1 minutes in their car for a one-way trip to the office. Do the math and you’ll see that a full time, 5-day a week job adds up to 200 hours each year. That’s a lot of time behind the wheel.

If you’re going to be driving that much, your car should be something you enjoy. A strong engine capacity, smooth suspension, and a comfortable cabin with top-grade features are just some of the things that can make your drive something to look forward to rather than endure. If you’re currently visiting luxury showrooms, the list below can help you decide which car to choose. There are a ton of options out there and this list ranks the top 15 luxury small cars based on their sales volume. The ranking was compiled by Statistica, a portal providing a range of data on 600 industries and more than 50 countries.