The 15 Most Popular Mid-Size Luxury Vehicles In America

The luxury car market is ever-growing in America. Premium entertainment systems, advanced tech options, and the increasing availability of self-driving vehicles have pushed this category into new territory for a variety of manufacturers. Statista recently conducted a survey of the most popular mid-size luxury vehicles in the U.S., ranked by total units sold in 2018. This research provides the basis for the rankings in this guide, while sites including Motortrend and Edmunds have provided additional information as to why these cars ranked top in their class. You’ll find the pros and cons associated with each model, as well as the fair market price (which may surprise you). If you’re in the market for a new luxury vehicle, this guide will help you find the top picks for sporty coupes, family-size sedans, and much more. Here’s what we were buying in 2018, and which models you should consider for your 2019 or 2020 vehicle.