National Reactions To What This Third Grader Did Ranged From Outrage To Praise

Almost every parent hopes to raise a kind-hearted, charitable child. Ryan Kyote certainly fits the bill. For the last year, the nine-year-old made it his mission to do something nice for his peers whose families didn’t have a whole lot of money. Amongst his friends and family, he is known as a sweet, sporty, and good-hearted kid. However, his most recent actions to help his schoolmates have inspired a wave of both praise and outrage across the nation.

Could you imagine a third-grader taking the initiative to impact every less-fortunate member of his grade? When Kyote found out that an essential schoolwide program was failing his friends, he decided to do something very generous to solve the issue. While this may be a feel-good story on the surface, people across the country have expressed their frustrations about the fact that kind-hearted Kyote’s actions were necessary in the first place. Now, Kyote has sparked a nationwide debate about one of the most essential parts of a child’s day: lunch.