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    10 Ways To Save Money At Restaurants

    Sometimes it’s just necessary to have a meal outside of your home. We say that it’s a waste of money, and that’s an opinion that we all have that differs. It is a waste to eat out all the time, but it’s fun to do on occasion. And it’s really fun to do when someone […] More

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    How To Save Money on an Engagement Ring

    If you are about to ask the love of your life to become your wife (or husband, however you roll), why not let us help you save a bit of money on that very expensive piece of jewelry you’re about to buy? Think Carats You’re not shopping for a rabbit, but a woman cares more […] More

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    Ten Ways To Lower Your Bills In Ten Minutes

    No one enjoys paying bills, but for many people life seems to revolve around working to, well, live with some degree of comfort. Unfortunately, most of the people in this category do not realize that they could spend less on expenses and, consequently, save some more and get to enjoy more of life’s pleasures. All […] More

  • Bad credit means many things

    Five Ways Bad Credit Can Hurt You

    Bad credit is bad news. It might not mean anything to those who don’t know what it’s like to have bad credit, but anyone who does have bad credit will tell you that it really makes life difficult. Since the economy crashed in 2008, it’s become more common for people to suffer from bad credit. […] More

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    Is Credit Karma A Scam?

    Credit score is very important for many things in this day and age, as you need it to purchase a car, to buy and finance a home and even to open your own business. In fact, it’s one of the most important components of a consumer’s financial profile. It’s important to know your credit history as […] More

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    Where to Find Taco Bell Nutrition Facts

    Anyone who considers tacos healthier than other food because they’re small and there is no bread and they have vegetables would be kind of correct but not all that correct. Don’t let that stop you from going to Taco Bell on the way to ball practice tonight, though, since we’re certain this fast food chain […] More

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    How Do I Donate My Hair?

    Many cancer patients often lose their hair due to chemotherapy treatments. Not only do they have to fight cancer, they also tend to lose their self-esteem when they lose their hair, which is why hair donation is so valued. Donating your hair to a charity is a great and inexpensive way to get involved. It’s […] More

  • Hats for women with short hair

    Hats For Women With Short Hair

    Finding a hat to go with a short haircut is not always simple. A baseball cap is so easy for someone with long hair to sport since she can pull her ponytail through the back. However, not all women with short hair look bad with baseball caps. It’s all about face shape, confidence levels and […] More

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