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  • Hats for women with short hair

    Hats For Women With Short Hair

    Finding a hat to go with a short haircut is not always simple. A baseball cap is so easy for someone with long hair to sport since she can pull her ponytail through the back. However, not all women with short hair look bad with baseball caps. It’s all about face shape, confidence levels and […] More

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    15 Credit Score Facts That Might Surprise You

    They say age is nothing but a number, but what about your credit score? The problem most people have is that they don’t consider their credit score on a regular basis. In fact, most people don’t consider their credit score at all – ever – until it’s time to go out and buy something that […] More

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    20 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

    If you really want to save on your big day, consider getting married in the morning and having a wedding brunch. Brunch is a far less expensive option than lunch or dinner and you don’t have to have a bar.(Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Matrix) More

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    20 Richest Stars of the 90s Today

    The 90s were some of the best years. Skateboards and baggy jeans dominated the world, and hit shows like “90210” were some of the biggest things in the 90s. Movies were big. Primetime television was bigger. People were starving for more access to their favorite stars, which wasn’t as bold and available to them as […] More

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    25 Tallest NASCAR Drivers

    Some people make the mistake of thinking that you have to be short, small, and light to be a good NASCAR driver, but that’s not necessarily the case. The simple truth is that while being all of the above as a jockey is the general rule, the same is not true of racecar drivers. Sure, […] More

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    25 Shortest Players in MLB History

    Being a man on the short side isn’t always an ideal situation. Most men dream of being tall and masculine, but it’s just not in the cards for all men. Some are a little shorter than others, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a lot to offer in the world of professional sports. While […] More

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    20 Richest Stars of the 80s Today

    The 1980s were big years, and we can’t even imagine how some people weren’t even alive back then. It seems that it was one of the best decades and many of us are proud to be 80s babies today. It was a time when hair was big, shoulder pads were bigger, and these stars were […] More

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