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  • Christmas Shopping

    20 Things Only Moms Know about Christmas Shopping

    As the mother, I get the distinct pleasure of handling the Christmas shopping for everyone. No one offered me this position as the CEO of the family with any fanfare, it was simply assumed. It reminds me of a conversation with my husband the other night when he failed to think that packing our kids […] More

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    A Husband Explains Why He Does Not Help His Wife

    A friend came to my house for coffee, we sat and talked about life. At some point in the conversation, I said, “I’m going to wash the dishes and I’ll be right back.” He looked at me as if I had told him I was going to build a space rocket. Then he said to […] More

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    10 Ways to Earn $1000 Extra for Christmas

    Every year, it seems that no matter how much you plan, there never seems to be enough money to cover all of the expenses associated with Christmas. Whether you are spending money on gifts, donating to charities, feeding the homeless, etc. — it requires funding. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can make an […] More

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    10 Money Lessons We Can Learn from Football

    Football is fun, energizing, and, believe it or not, endowed in lessons on financial matters. You can learn a lot about money management by observing football players’ tactics in relation to the rules regulating the game. All you need to do is observe and relate what you see to how you earn and spend your […] More

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    25 Richest Celebrity Chefs

    Celebrity chefs are as famous and in-demand as actors and actresses these days, and it’s all because the world has such a crush on good food. Whether it’s down-home southern cooking or upscale French cuisine, there is nothing that doesn’t look appetizing when it comes from a celebrity chef. The abundance of celebrity chefs on […] More

  • how to make money with your phone

    10 Different Ways You Can Make Money With Your Phone

    Your smart phone probably cost you a pretty penny, and you probably upgrade that phone more often than you care to admit. I know how it works; I do it, too. I’m married to a man who is convinced that life is not complete without the latest and greatest technology, which means I upgrade my […] More

  • make money blogging

    Five Tips to Make Money Blogging From Home

    Everyone knows what a blog is, and many people have the skill and talent to write well enough to create a blog people want to read. It’s a great way to earn a little extra money from home, but many people don’t know how to do that, which means they’re blogging for no particular reason […] More

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    10 Ways You Can Make Money with Amazon

    Amazon is more than just a website on which you can purchase items you may or may not need; though that’s just one of the biggest perks. Of course we all love Amazon, especially when it pertains to multiple orders every month that make the Prime subscription and the Amazon Mom subscription totally worth it. […] More

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