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    Ranking The 20 Best SUVs

    It’s not an easy job to rank the best SUVs on the market in any capacity, but there are some situations when you can do it based on the many different factors each come with. There are full-size SUVs, third-row SUVs, crossover SUVs, and luxury SUVs among many more. There are small ones and large […] More

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    20 Richest Stars of the 80s Today

    The 1980s were big years, and we can’t even imagine how some people weren’t even alive back then. It seems that it was one of the best decades and many of us are proud to be 80s babies today. It was a time when hair was big, shoulder pads were bigger, and these stars were […] More

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    Five Things You Should Know about the Target Red Card

    It’s impossible to go into your local Target store without hearing all about the Target Red Card. What exactly is this Red Card, and is it worth it? The Red Card is designed to offer Target shoppers a discount on their purchases, and it’s designed so that those who hold the card have a few […] More

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    How To Get Cheap Hotel Prices For Luxury Hotels

    Everyone is entitled to their moments of snobbery and pickiness, and some of us choose to use those moments in regards to booking hotels. It’s not a big deal to everyone, but it’s a big deal to millions of travelers. If you’re staying away from the comforts of your own home – and paying to […] More

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    20 Cars to Avoid in 2018

    From sports cars to sedans to family-sized SUVs, manufacturers have introduced their 2018 vehicle lineup in time for the holiday season. Consumers aren’t afraid to spend their money on a shiny new car when the holidays roll around, and this is the time of year many people are comparing new rides. Unfortunately, not all 2018 […] More

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    12 of the Most Famous Celebrity Divorces

    If there’s one thing celebrities are known for – aside from their work – it’s their very unfortunate divorce rate. While we’re not saying every celebrity that gets married is going to get divorced (plenty of celebs have been married for decades and still look happy together), most of them will. That said, not every […] More

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    20 Richest Stars of the 70s Today

    The 1970s were a decade of interesting situations. The word hippie comes to mind, but that was really more the 60s than anything. But that led right into the 70s where people were just laid back, enjoying their extracurricular activities, and making the most of their down time. They smoked a lot of marijuana, drank […] More

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    How to Save Money on Christmas Decorations

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year; the holidays (particularly Christmas). To me, the holidays officially begin the first day of September. My birthday is September 30, so the entire month is a holiday to me. Add to that the fact that college football begins at the beginning of the month (Go Gators!) and […] More

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