How To Save Money On Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning

Spring is here and the weather (in Florida, at least) could not be more beautiful for this time of year! What that means for many of us is that it’s time to spring clean. It’s not necessarily a fun job, but it’s one that has to be done. What does your spring cleaning look like? For us down here, it’s a nice deep clean that gets rid of all the pollen that manages to overtake our houses no matter how deep we clean them during the end of February and beginning of March. Once we get that first lovely rain, it begins to get rid of the pollen and that means everything needs a good, deep clean. For you, it might be different. For all of us, however, it’s kind of expensive. We thought we might share with you a few simple ways to ensure you are getting the most of your spring cleaning by spending the least possible amount of money.

Use baking soda

Cleaning materials are expensive, and baking soda does the same job for a lot less. By mixing it with water until a paste is formed, you can clean tubs, showers, floors and anything in between with this inexpensive cleanser.

Sell what you don’t want

I’m really guilty of taking things I no longer want, sticking them in a garbage bag and putting them at the end of the driveway. It’s the quickest way for me to declutter in a manner that works for me, and it also gives me instant satisfaction. What I should do is sell this stuff and make some money. That’s even better than saving money on spring cleaning.

Organize your office space

I cannot tell you how many times someone I see on occasion at my favorite coffee shop stops to tell me she is rushing around trying to get to the post office or the electric company or whatever to hurry up and pay a bill she forgot since she cannot get organized. You can save money on your spring cleaning by making it a point to organize your office space so you never lose another bill again.

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