What’s the Difference Between the Target REDcard Credit Card and Debit Card?

Target red credit card debit card

The Target REDcard is a great card to have if you’re into savings and rewards (and who isn’t?). What most people don’t realize, however, is that there is more to the REDcard than meets the eye. The biggest misconception so many consumers have is all about what the REDcard really is. Some consider it a … Read more

Target’s Store Markdown Schedule

target mark down schedule

Target Markdown Schedule Monday: kids clothing, baby, accessories and electronics Tuesday: food, pet items, women’s clothing Wednesday: men’s clothing, lawn & garden, tools, toys Thursday: housewares, sporting goods, luggage, music, lingerie, shoes Friday: cosmetics, jewelry, hardware, car accessories This is personal, and I’m sure it’s about to net me a number of enemies; I don’t … Read more

How to Prep For Target Cyber Monday 2014

While there are those people who enjoy the thrill of Black Friday, there are also people who like to forgo the biggest shopping day of the year and wait until the weekend is over to participate in Cyber Monday from the comfort of their home or office. One of the many retailers that participate in Cyber … Read more