25 Ways to Single Out an American Anywhere in the World

Before an American traveler even opens his or her mouth, chances are everyone around them already knows where they came from. (Not to mention where they went to school, their mothers’ names, and probably even all their current travel plans.) There are tell-tale signs in their mannerisms, their habits, what shocks them, and often it’s … Read more

20 Steps To Self Publishing A Book

how to publish a book

In the past, publishing a book meant shopping the book at the right publishers, sending in copy after copy to publishing houses and then crossing your fingers hoping that someone would eventually decide to read your book. They’d fall madly in love with the book you wrote, call you and offer you a six-figure advance, … Read more

20 Cars to Avoid in 2018

From sports cars to sedans to family-sized SUVs, manufacturers have introduced their 2018 vehicle lineup in time for the holiday season. Consumers aren’t afraid to spend their money on a shiny new car when the holidays roll around, and this is the time of year many people are comparing new rides. Unfortunately, not all 2018 … Read more

20 Safest Car Brands (2017)

safest car

One of the most important things to know before buying a car is its level of safety. The level of safety can vary based on price, but we’ve attempted to normalize this in our ranking of the safest car brands in the World. These rankings were established utilizing data from IIHS, US News, Global Car … Read more